The Top Reasons Why Your Joliet Garage Door Is Not Working


To assist you troubleshoot the issues with your garage door, here are the main reasons why your garage door will not work. We are sure that by knowing these you will be able to keep your garage door in properly working conditions.

Transmitter Batteries
It might sound cliché; however, people still fail or forget to understand that the transmitter needs power to work. This can sometimes consist of transmitter on wall in garage as well. You must also understand that if battery goes at one place, it might have run out within others simultaneously because you installed them probably on same day.

Track is Not Aligned Properly
If your garage door’s track goes out of alignment, then it can be an extremely serious issue. The track on which your door runs should be aligned appropriately for the garage door to move. In case you see gaps in between rail and rollers or bends in rails, you’ve a trouble. Weight of the garage door can compound such issues after a while, until it becomes hazardous to work your door so contact a Joliet Garage Door Repair Services company for help.

Garage Door Closes/Opens Randomly
If you find out your garage door closing or opening at random times, when you’re not at home, it could be quite disturbing. The very first thing to test is your transmitters. Ensure that they aren’t stuck under something which can depress control mechanism inadvertently.

Garage Door Closes A Part Way, And Opens Again
The garage doors are intended with reversing mechanism which stop them from crushing items in their path. It can be activated by objects on ground blocking their way such as toys or garbage cans, but can be caused by buildup of wreckage on tracks that prevents rollers from moving on. This could consist of small items such as coat hangers, gum or mud.

Door Won’t Just Go Up
The garage doors could be extremely heavy and in spite of what most of the people think, it’s not garage door opener which does the lifting, but instead the springs of door. Garage doors come with just one or two springs. If either of the spring is broken down, the opener might struggle to lift weight of the garage door or even fail to open door at all. In case the spring is wrecked, call a professional garage door repair company in Joliet for service as the springs can be very unsafe to work with.

Door Goes Down, Then Opens Again
In case this happens, the culprit most likely are the close and open limit settings of the garage door opener. The range tells that garage door opener about how far the garage door must move before it’s fully closed. So, if your settings tend to be very high, the garage door will hit ground before opener thinks that it should and suppose the garage door is hitting anything in its way. Then it will reverse automatically to avoid crushing it. Check out your operator’s manual to see how to set open and close limit.