Safety First: Tips to Prevent Injuries During Orland Park Garage Door Repairs


Did you know most accidents leading to injury take place in the homes? When we are there at work, we have regulations and supervisors that prevent injuries often. But when at home, we are more lackadaisical and we don’t pay any attention as such. Additionally, we frequently feel that we could handle any work in our own house without the assistance of an expert. But, a few DIY repairs can be very dangerous, particularly when the garage door is considered. Here are a few things to remember when debating whether you must hire a professional or not for Orland Park Garage Door Repair Services needs.

Falling Garage Door— One among the most popular garage associated accidents is falling garage door. If you’ve a broken spring which you don’t replace properly, then it could fall on you even without any warning. This can happen even if you replace the broken spring with new springs that don’t have the suitable strength to hold your garage door up. Garage door is a deceptively heavy object and when they fall down, they fall very quickly and can injure seriously or even lead to a person’s death.

Force and Safety Eyes Settings— If an individual is not trained properly in repairing or replacing garage door force and safety eyes settings, then you may have serious issues. Safety eyes are those sensors that notice if something is there standing on the way of your garage door when it closes. Likewise, force settings sense if the door is encountering any obstruction and reverses if it does. It prevents people from getting hurt by closing garage doors. Failure to set these two properly could result in severe injuries including concussions and broken bones in adults. With pets and small children injures can be worse.

Other Issues— The garage essentially has a lot of other hidden issues. Many people don’t realize that torsion spring that helps move the garage door is under great tension. If any untrained person was to try to repair or replace this high-tension spring, then tension gets released and the force resulting from it could lead to loss of limbs, broken bones, or even death. The rollers are also a great hazard as they could severely pinch and even tear the skin in case a person sticks his hand or any other body part very close when rollers are moving. It is particularly dangerous for kids. Electrocution also is a danger as garage door opener tends to be motor operated. Fall from ladders are other common trouble when trying to perform repairs by yourself.

So the bottom line here is that Do-It-Yourself garage door repair can be risky. The only right way to stay fully safe is to make somebody who is experienced identify and fix the issue. Hire a professional and expert garage door repair company in Orland Park, who is specially trained in order to not get injured when working on garage doors. This is the best way to get the repair done correctly and in the best way.